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We Do More Than Just Tax Planning and Compliance

We Do More Than Just Tax Planning and Compliance

While the month of May often brings a sigh of relief for individuals who’ve just filed their income tax returns, Grobstein Teeple does more than just tax planning and compliance.

With the mid-April deadline for filing individual tax returns having come and gone, you could be forgiven for harboring no desire to think about the Internal Revenue Service for the next 11 months or so.

Yet when it comes to the health and wealth of any individual or business, we all know that tax planning and compliance play a key role in generating wealth and ensuring your business is both financially solvent and meeting its diverse range of tax obligations.

After all, failing to utilize the expertise of tax professionals who can provide proactive tax planning strategies to help grow your wealth leaves you open to the risk of paying more tax than is strictly necessary.

Likewise, it’s hard to maximize your return on investments—whether they’re in the form of property or asset sales—without some proven solutions designed to mitigate tax implications and provide you with the best possible outcomes.

That’s why, when it comes to taxation, it makes sense to turn to the experts for trusted advice.

But with so many accounting firms around, what is it that makes Grobstein Teeple stand out?

The opportunity to consult with not just a team of experienced tax planning and compliance experts, but also the chance to make use of a range of business consulting, cybersecurity, restructuring and insolvency, and litigation support services—all provided by the same firm.

Time for Tax Planning? Talk to the Experts

When it comes to building personal wealth, one of the simplest solutions is to start by reducing your own personal tax burden.

Rising interest rates and tax bracket changes—including an upcoming shift in 2025 from a top individual, estate, and trust tax bracket rate of 37% to 39.6%—mean it’s more important than ever to stay on top of your tax planning. 

Grobstein Teeple’s dedicated team of experienced tax experts can help you navigate tax code changes and adapt strategies to minimize the amount of tax you owe, as well as review asset portfolios for individuals, trusts, estates, and corporations.

We can also increase shareholder value by employing a diverse range of planning, structuring, growth, and succession strategies and get your personal, corporate, and partnership tax returns filed promptly and to maximum effect.

In other words, Grobstein Teeple’s tax planning strategies are designed to give you clear and actionable insights that help you mitigate your tax liabilities and ultimately worry less about tax.

We even provide tax-efficient legacy planning strategies that help you pass on the rewards of all your hard work to the next generation through sound estate planning.

But tax planning that results in more money staying in your pocket is just one of a number of expert services Grobstein Teeple provides.

Worried About Tax Compliance? We’re Here to Help

In an ever-evolving economic climate, it’s not just individuals who need to stay on top of their taxes and ensure their tax obligations are being met.

Businesses everywhere must comply with a range of annual tax regulations to ensure they’re meeting a range of federal, state, and local government requirements—or otherwise face some unwanted scrutiny. 

It’s the sort of work many businesses instinctively turn to one of the Big Four accounting firms with national footprints to complete—a move that sometimes ends up leaving them feeling more like a number than a valued client.

That’s why Grobstein Teeple has always been dedicated to providing a range of expert tax compliance services with a personal touch—one that allows clients to benefit from decades of professional experience without feeling rushed.

“We really do strive to make Grobstein Teeple a kind of ‘white glove’ service provider—where you might pay a bit more than you do at your local firms, but you get absolutely stellar service,” explained the firm’s co-founder, Howard Grobstein.

“And then if something does go wrong, and you need a litigation expert or some cybersecurity or e-discovery advice, we’ve got everything you need in-house—you don’t need to go to a bunch of different places.”

Your One-Stop Provider of a Comprehensive Suite of Services

Grobstein Teeple first opened its doors across the Greater Los Angeles area in February 2013. 

Today, we not only service clients throughout Los Angeles and its surrounding counties, but also at our offices in San Francisco, Boston, Las Vegas, and Washington D.C.

Along the way, we’ve acquired a number of complementary businesses aimed at bolstering our services.

In 2018, we added a cybersecurity practice that enables us to provide expert cybersecurity and e-discovery services, which are second to none.

From forensic data acquisition to risk management, vulnerability scanning, and security status assessments, Grobstein Teeple’s cybersecurity solutions are designed to cover every possibility.

The same is true of our business valuation services.

With more than 40 years of combined experience in the field, our business valuation experts can not only help you resolve business disputes and determine fair market value, but possess the skills and expertise to do so when information is limited and there are vested interests involved.

We’ve strengthened our forensic accounting department and provide a range of expert witness and litigation support services, while our partner investment banking firm Covitus Capital offers expert advice on mergers and acquisitions along with a host of other capital market solutions.

And we continue to offer a slate of business consulting services—from transaction and due diligence, to business management, financial reporting, and dispute resolution advice. 

In short, we’re a one-stop provider of a comprehensive portfolio of taxation, business consulting, cybersecurity, and accounting services—and we do it all with decades of experience in the field.

Let Us Know How We Can Help

We understand that being in business can be complex. After all, we’re a multi-state, multi-service firm ourselves.

But what makes Grobstein Teeple stand out is simply the fact that we offer highly personalized, individually-tailored solutions across a range of services, backed by years of experience.

Whether it’s tax planning and compliance you need, or you’re in the market for any one of our other diverse range of services, we’re always here to help.

When it comes to solving business problems, it’s go time.

Get in touch and let us know how we can help you.

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21 May 2024
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