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Building a Successful Business? Don’t Forget About Accounting 

Building a Successful Business? Don’t Forget About Accounting 

When it comes to building a successful business, it’s key to get your accounting right.

That’s the verdict from our Principal, Dimple Mehra, who says accounting plays a “crucial role” in building a successful business.

She wrote as much in The Vegas Chamber’s new business magazine, Taking Care Of Business—where Dimple’s editorial recently ran in the Business Corner section.

“I liken it to the tires on a supercar—not the most exciting thing you’ll spend your money on, but definitely one of the most important,” she wrote.

“Accountants serve as invaluable allies for business owners, aiding in financial management tasks and allowing entrepreneurs to focus on fostering business growth with confidence.”

Dimple is a long-standing member of the Nevada business community, having represented Grobstein Teeple in our Las Vegas office since December 2020.

A Certified Fraud Examiner with broad experience across all facets of the accounting industry, Dimple says accounting is “the guiding force that steers businesses through the intricate landscape of financial management”.

She writes that accountants offer key insights into decision-making, compliance and risk management, as well as resource optimization.

She also says that while accounting may be the last thing entrepreneurs wish to focus on, it’s one of the key components of building a successful business.

To read more of Dimple’s thoughts on the crucial role of accounting in business success, simply click here.

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17 Apr 2024
2 minute read

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