With more and more complex data now making its way through the legal system, e-discovery is fast becoming an integral element of many litigation cases.

Our experienced team of e-discovery and forensic technology experts will quickly and efficiently assess your data needs, helping you navigate the complex world of big data. We have more than a decade’s experience in the field and can save you time and money by using the latest in Artificial Intelligence technology to analyze large data sets quickly and easily.

Powered by sophisticated Artificial Intelligence platform Reveal, we work closely with clients to collect, identify, analyze and preserve a complex range of data sets.

Our skilled team of e-discovery and forensic technology experts can provide the following services:

  • Forensic Data Collection & Preservation
    Multi-platform support.

    Collect and analyze data across multiple platforms and devices. Enhance litigation coverage by reducing review sets and effectively targeting relevant data for expert witness testimony.

    • Forensic collection of data from mobile devices, cloud services, and enterprise storage.
    • Defensible collections of Windows, Apple and Linux endpoints.
    • Evidence triaged to reduce review sets and target the most relevant data.
    • Expert witness testimony services.
  • ESI Consulting
    Electronically Stored Information.

    Receive expert advice on complex litigation, cybersecurity and privacy investigations from a team of experienced ESI consultants.

    • Expert consultancy in complex litigation matters, cybersecurity and privacy investigations.
    • Cutting-edge technology utilized to ensure maximum review efficiency for voluminous data sets.
    • Tried and tested processes designed for maximum defensibility of ESI handling.
    • Expert training for review teams that maximizes value by reducing investigation and review time.
  • Artificial Intelligence with Reveal AI
    Machine learning analysis.

    Harness the power of machine learning and enjoy accelerated review processes that target relevant documents and utilize AI model libraries to quickly and efficiently reduce data sets.

    • Pre-trained AI model libraries leveraged to quickly and efficiently reduce review data sets.
    • Communication anomaly and pattern recognition used to identify positive and negative tone sentiments.
    • Accelerated review processes which harness continuous active learning to find the most relevant documents.
  • Visual Analytics with Brainspace
    Easy-to-visualize analytics.

    Evaluate highly visual analytics utilizing keyword heat maps and interactive clustering visualization to identify key relationships within a range of complex data sets.

    • Interactive clustering visualization that allows legal teams to discover and explore topics of interest.
    • Entity extraction that identifies the relationships between people, places and organizations in a data set.
    • Accelerated communication analysis that interacts with keyword heat maps in the Meta Dashboard.
    • Phrase and sentence searches that find similar concepts using natural language processing.
  • End to end ESI Processing Reveal Review
    Tailored data reviews.

    Analyze more than 900 different file types and documents with Reveal – including foreign languages – and receive tailored end to end Electronically Stored Information reviews.

    • Foreign language identification and translation.
    • Data extracted from more than 900 file types.
    • Data produced with scaled cloud architecture for large data sets with tight deadline constraints.
  • Partnerships

“From trade secret issues to forensic accounting for trial—working with GT guarantees great results.”

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