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Personal Device and Account Security Checklist

Device Security

􀀀 2FA / Two Step Verification enabled

􀀀 TouchID enabled, if available

􀀀 AppleID matches expected outcome

􀀀 iCloud backup verification

􀀀 Safari fraud warning enabled

􀀀 Locations services disabled

􀀀 Find My iPhone enabled, to include Activation Lock

􀀀 WiFi Autojoin disabled, if necessary

􀀀 Data Protection enabled

􀀀 Protocol to block unwanted phone numbers enabled

Account Security

􀀀 Banking apps have 2FA / Two Step Verification enabled

􀀀 Fraud alerts enabled

􀀀 Lost/Stolen alerts enabled

􀀀 Credit monitoring app installed

􀀀 Credit monitoring alerts enabled

Password Manager Security

􀀀 Confirm password manager app present on device

􀀀 2FA / Two Step Verification enabled, if available

􀀀 Username and password regularly changed

Miscellaneous Security Features

􀀀 Install security camera app

􀀀 Install phone theft app

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