Business Valuation

GT provides independent valuations of businesses, business interests, and intangible assets for the purposes of estate planning, financial reporting, business and transactional support, and dispute resolution.


GT combines proven valuation techniques, thorough research and analysis, and an understanding of key value drivers to provide credible, well-supported opinions that withstand third party scrutiny and that enable timely and informed decision-making. Our valuation professionals regularly collaborate with GT’s experts in restructuring, tax, audit, and business management to provide clients comprehensive insights and unparalleled service. 

GT offers business valuation services in the following areas:


Estate/Succession Planning and Tax Advisory

GT’s valuation opinions help clients comply with tax reporting requirements and preserve and maximize value for exit and succession planning. 

Services include:

  • Valuation of interests in closely-held businesses

  • Fractional interest discount studies for family limited partnerships (FLPs), limited liability companies (LLCs), and other pass-through entities

  • C to S corporation conversions

  • Exit and succession planning


Financial Reporting

GT’s valuation opinions help clients comply with financial reporting requirements. 

Services include:

  • Purchase price allocations for business combinations (ASC 805)

  • Goodwill impairment testing (ASC 350)

  • Long-Lived Asset impairment testing (ASC 360)

  • Share-based payments for employee compensation (ASC 718)

  • Valuation of stock option compensation (IRC 409A)

  • Appraisal report review and consultation


Transaction Advisory and Consulting

GT provides independent transaction consulting services that enable clients to make more informed decisions and to achieve better outcomes. 

Transaction valuation advisory services are provided in the following situations:

  • Buy-sell agreements

  • Shareholder buyouts

  • Debt and equity financing

  • Employee stock option plans (ESOPs)

  • Merger, acquisition or divestiture

  • Reorganization, restructuring and bankruptcy

  • Buy-Side due diligence analysis

  • Sell-Side valuation consulting


Dispute Resolution

In certain situations, parties may dispute the value of a business or business interest. Key to successful resolution of such situations is a consultant or expert that can communicate supportable valuation conclusions in a clear, compelling manner. GT’s professionals have substantial experience doing so in numerous settings, including pre-litigation, mediation, arbitration and trial. GT provides expert witness and consulting services for the following situations:

  • Breach of contract

  • Breach of fiduciary duty

  • Business interruption

  • Marital dissolution

  • Shareholder litigation


Goodwill Loss Valuation

California eminent domain law entitles business owners to recover lost business goodwill value when a public agency condemns their property. Central to this process is an assessment of compensable goodwill loss, taking into consideration such factors as fair market value, mitigation, and duplication of benefits, as well as other factors identified and supported by thorough research and analysis.

GT professionals provide goodwill loss valuations for eminent domain proceedings and have a record of successfully presenting and defending findings in court. Our expertise can assist clients in various phases of a project, from planning through final resolution. GT’s findings are relied upon by a variety of clients, including municipalities, public agencies, school districts, and business owners. 


Services include:

  • Pre-condemnation consulting and preliminary goodwill loss calculations

  • Full or limited narrative goodwill loss reports

  • Economic feasibility studies and relocation analysis

  • Inverse condemnation & partial take studies

  • Litigation support and expert witness testimony


Intellectual Property Valuation and Optimization

Today’s information-and technology-driven economy and rigorous financial reporting environment places increasing importance on the valuation of intellectual property and intangible assets. Intangible assets and intellectual property analyzed by GT include: trademarks and trade names, customer and client lists, licensing agreements, patents, copyrights, and musical compositions and catalogues.

GT offers clients valuation expertise relating to intangible assets and intellectual property in the following situations:

  • Litigation & dispute resolution

  • Reorganization & bankruptcy

  • Royalty rate assessment

  • Transfers of intellectual property

  • Transfer pricing analysis